What’s a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who uses words to sell stuff.

Copy is more than words on a webpage or captions on a media post. Good copy is the exchange of understanding between your brand and your audience. 

Sounds like marketing; I have that already. 


Ok, so copywriting is slightly more involved than just using words to sell. In fact, I fancy myself more of a storyteller. I find the words that deeply resonate with others and use them to tell stories and translate experiences.

Tight, beautifully worded copy, that sells your brand's why message and can be used for your “about me section,” social media posts, and website or print content. 

Marketing may be the wheels; Copywriting is the heart. 


Who needs a copywriter?

EVERYONE. From restaurants showcasing delicious dining experiences, new products, services, experiences even musicians, I’ve discovered that people are best entertained with a translation of the world around them. Finding the right words to do that is the very heart of sales. 


Are you sure my business will benefit from a copywriter?


Every product, every service, even every brand has a story to tell and an experience they want their audience to feel and join in on even before they buy. 


That’s where I come in; I am passionate about creating and telling those stories.


My stories make the difference between you having an engaged, interactive consumer base with robust lifetime buyers or on whim buyers that you never see or hear from again in this digital age.


Ok, I'm convinced. Why should I hire you?


The bulk of my background is in business management, marketing, and sales. I have practice connecting audiences with the goods they need. My passion is for sharing that little-known restaurant on the corner that uses a sauce recipe that was handed down for generations to top their chicken piccata. Or the startup whose founder came up with the idea after struggling with their own social anxiety. Even the artist moonlights as a community activist because their cause is personal. Those are the stories that I like to tell, the ones people like hearing. Those stories sell big! 


What does the process look like?


One part easy, two parts fun!

But seriously, we sit down (or zoom in), and I get to know you and the heart of what you’re doing. 

From there, I’ll create a story that will engage your audience, increase your traffic, and fill your websites, print material, or media with the captivating copy you need to stand out.


Ready to tell your story?