I'm Miriam!

I am an out-of-the-box thinking, award-winning advertising, and marketing executive with over ten years of experience specializing in writing, concept development, and curating content. Passionate about experiences that make others say “wow,” I maintain that words are the heart of sales, and social media is an art form. As a story-driven content creator, my penchant for translating one person's knowledge into another person's discovery has produced content as the holy grail to interactions with users, products, and experiences. Those bursts of brilliance have helped strategize and implement cutting-edge marketing, copy, and branded content campaigns.


Over time, my roles and the hats I wear have changed, but one thing for certain and two for sure, I still weave whatever life experience I am having into an epic story.

Storytelling has always been a massive part of my life! 


With more and more brands and businesses entering the online space, appealing to a new generation with an insatiable appetite for entertaining content, I invest my time and skills into helping people like you and the brands you run to tell your story. 


My delicious, easily consumable pieces of copy have been used on social media pages and campaigns, websites, and homepages, as well as on-demand print material. Whether you're looking to drive your sales, engage your audience, build community, or create brand-aligned content, my copy will deliver results. 


When I’m not crafting clever copy, you can find me oversharing on my personal blog, experiencing life with my two littles, and soaking up the culture one plate, song, or festival at a time. 


That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!