I'm Miriam!

During my 20's I answered the call of my heart, in whichever direction that took me! I spent time as a bartender, years as a sales expert, and a photographer. I even ran a tech start-up (a story for another day). 


Over time, my role and the hats I wear have changed, but one thing for certain and two for sure, I still weave whatever life experience I am having into an epic story.

Storytelling has always been a massive part of my life! 


With more and more brands and businesses entering the online space, appealing to a new generation that has an insatiable appetite for entertainment, I’ve found a home for myself helping others tell their stories!


I use my knack for words to help brands, products, businesses, and people like you create delicious easy consumable pieces of copy for social media, websites, and print material. Whether you're looking to drive sales, engage your audience, or create branded written content, my copy will deliver results. 


When I’m not crafting clever copy, you can find me oversharing on my personal blog, experiencing life with my two littles, and soaking up the culture one plate, song, or festival at a time. 


That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!