Work I'm really proud of.

This page showcases the various work projects I have developed and practiced over my professional career. 


Updown Nightlife - Featured Post

Client Request: Research and compile relevant topics about nightlight and culture. 

Keira Wesley- Client Request: Bi-weekly artist press releases. 

French Dictionary


Local Pig- Goal: Improve online community engagement.  

My response: User Research, Strategy, Accessibility. 

Pigwich- Goal: Showcase product and service offerings.

My response: Branding, Identity, User Research, User Personas, 

NGAGE- Goal: Design an app to improve employee engagement.

My response: Product design, startup, validation, development, optimization. design thinking, responsive wireframes, low-fi prototype, UI Kit.

Christian Roofing: Goal: Responsive intuitive website and elevate SEO rankings.

My response: Task flow, User flow, Mood board, Persona, and Journey Map. 


Content Creation

Curation and creation of high performance- industry relevant content

Cool Sneakers